A huge part of getting our children to an acceptable quality is us parents and guardians taking charge to model good eating behaviors, and thinking up ways to uplift awareness and develop the long-term skill of creating good choices.

As parents, one of our hopes for our kids is them being able to make smart decisions for themselves. Arming yourself with these fun methods will educate them to eventually think for themselves when making food choices.

Give your food a personality

Throughout the years, fast food advertisers and promoters have been integrating language to peddle their products to kids, so why can’t we use the same method with healthy food? Talk about the powers of healthy food on the plate with your kids in your life, and represent every food with a Superhero name. Examples are Powerpunch broccolis, X-ray Vision Carrots, and even Super Strong Spinach.

Play with food

Kids will have this endless interest in cooking, therefore bring them to the kitchen to help you cook some delicious and healthy dishes. They won’t complain if you decide to put a handful of spinach into the blender, as long as they get to press the button. You can turn leftover smoothies to popsicles! Make cute shapes out of food. Getting your kids involved in the food making will definitely get them invested in the food they eat.

Don’t ignore the other side

While you’re discussing the powerful benefits of healthy food, don’t forget to let them know about the dangers of processed/junk food. I know, it can be a difficult battle between the alluring marketing to kids in the grocery store. You can download apps that teach kids how to make healthy food choices. An app called Fooducate allows your kids to scan product labels and identify if it’s healthy or not. If it shows an F-score, it will discourage them to include it in the cart. Discuss where each food came from and what ingredients are used.

Eat what you grow

Everything is almost ready-to-eat nowadays. But one way to get your kids excited about eating healthy food is by building your own backyard garden. You can let your kids choose which plants/vegetables/ fruits to plant. Also, allow them keep an eye on your garden, removing weeds, watering, and etc.